Rules / Guidelines

Dear User.

Once registered you belong to an exclusive group of AIDA users that has nearly full access to the AIDA Wiki. Except for only a few pages all areas in the Wiki are free to be edited or even extended. Like in other Wikis there are a couple of guidelines that are recommended to be considered. Unless otherwise noted BSK decided to follow the Wikipedia guidelines.

  • The AIDA Wiki is intended to increase the use of the AIDA System. Please feel free to make use of it and please share your experiences with other users.
  • BSK is a company of human beings like you and me therefore BSK's products are not free from error, although being developed very thoroughly. So, if you happen to run into trouble or you have ideas for improvement, please report directly to BSK by email instead of filling the AIDA Wiki with bad news. BSK intends to constantly improve their products and will be anxious to solve your problems as good as possible.
  • The AIDA Wiki is not intended to discuss in other languages than English. This will help users worldwide to communicate with each other. BSK as a German company is not perfect to write in English either, so please do not hesitate to use the Wiki even if your English is not perfect. Where some of BSK's contributions are still in German we are working step by step on English translations.

We wish you a good success with the AIDA System and the AIDA Wiki.

Uwe Kühn