AIDA release 1.02.029

Current Versions

  • AIDA Communicator 1.01.015
  • AIDA Commander 1.01.016
  • AIDA Composer 1.1.11 beta
  • AIDA Examiner 0.01.029 beta
  • AIDA Examples 1.02.029
  • AIDA Stacker 1.8.1
  • AIDA Stacks 1.02.004 SR05
  • AIDA Studio 1.01.017
  • AIDA Tracer 1.01.015
  • DumpConfigFile 1.1.14
  • POOL Compiler 1.02.017
  • POOL Lib 1.02.029
  • PI 1.02.017
  • SYM2PLI 1.02.007

Changes in AIDA Stacks

V1.2.4 SR 5 2007-12-13

    • Answer behaviour in EOL mode changed: in case of the „reset“/„leave loader“ service the positive answer is optional. Nevertheless, if an answer is received, it must be well formed according to the EOL/production diagnosis rules or otherwise EOLGM will do retries.
    • If no communication is established and a „transmit data“ event without „start communication“ flag is issued, the event is returned with the general „send error“ and the „communication stopped“ flags, as the latter is mandatory for ADX to work correctly.
  • EOLTest
    • Workaround added to fix handling of stack status while setting the CAN parameters in temporary offline status. This caused wrong status flags after the mode switching was completed.

Changes in AIDA Stacker

V1.8.1, 2007-12-12

  • Corrected handling of file names (UNC and relative paths)

Changes in AIDA Examiner (beta)

V0.01.029 beta, 2007-12-13

  • Extended post-processing of ranges in the ODX library.
  • Set physical ranges and step widths for Spinner and Slider in Phys. Values Mode according to values obtained from improved ODX library.
  • Remaining limitations:
    • Combined read and write services (READ-MODIFY-WRITE) are not yet supported
    • A base configuration (selection of ODX file and variant, commu module and stack configuration) can be defined initially, but afterwards the ODX files and variants cannot be changed anymore.
    • A PI-crash occures after entire panels or panel elements are deleted within the UserPanelCfg dialog when closing the dialog window.
    • Cyclic update for write services is not available.
    • Cyclic update active state is not restored from configuration

Changes in POOL-Lib

V1.02.029, 2007-12-13

  • AIDA
    • Added flags in implementation of AIDA_csStatusFlags2Str()
    • Use of AIDA_pstCreateEventEx() in implementation of AIDA_toStack.pstCreateL0Event()
  • ODX
    • Adapted ODX_nApiVersionRequired
    • Extended post processing of ranges in ODX library
    • Extended ODX_tstCompuMethodData: added new members enNumeratorType, stNumeratorCoeffArray, stDenominatorCoeffArray and stPhysicalStepSize
    • Removed obsolete member functions ODX_toSignal.boScaleValue()/boDescaleValue() and ODX_toDiagService.boSigScaleValue()/boSigDescaleValue()

Changes in Examples

V1.02.029, 2007-12-13

  • TST_CMDR, TST_MENU, TST_USDT, VOBJCOLOURS: translation into English