AIDA release 7.00.001

Current Versions

  • AIDA Communicator 1.01.016
  • AIDA Commander 7.00.001
  • AIDA Composer 1.1.11 beta
  • AIDA Examiner 0.01.029 beta
  • AIDA Examples 7.00.001
  • AIDA Stacker 7.0.1 Build 0
  • AIDA Stacks 7.00.001
  • AIDA Studio 3.4.2.v2010-05-25
  • AIDA Tracer 7.00.001
  • DumpConfigFile 1.1.14
  • POOL Compiler 1.07.002
  • POOL Lib 7.00.001
  • PI 7.00.002
  • SYM2PLI 7.00.002

Changes in AIDA Stacks

V7.0.1, 2012-07-27

  • AIDA Library
    • Added Licensing/Authentication API functions: AIDA_boLoadLicenseFile(), AIDA_boGetLicenseInfo(), AIDA_boGetSeedForApplicationAuthentication(), AIDA_boAuthenticateApplication(). For documentation see %AIDAHOME%documentsstackLicensingAuthentication.html
    • Added function AIDA_hsGetPlainErrMsgX() to retrieve extended error information and corresponding dealloc function AIDA_vFreeErrMsgX(). Currently extended error information is available only for functions AIDA_hRestoreStack(), AIDA_hRestoreStackEx() and AIDA_hRestoreStackRaw(). E.g. AIDA_hsGetPlainErrMsgX() returns „ERROR: 1105: Stack component or plugin not licensed (component: 'Filter')“ in comparison with AIDA_hsGetPlainErrMsg() which returns „ERROR: 1105: Stack component or plugin not licensed“.
  • CAN component (Vector vcand32.dll)
    • Corrected channel mapping for UNICODE environment

Changes in AIDA Stacker

V7.0.1, 2012-07-27

  • Added license handling

V2.0.0, 2012-04-03

  • Reworked for compatibility with Windows7
  • Complete redesign of user interface
  • Add new functionality (Stack Manager etc)

Changes in AIDA Commander (incl. Visual Objects)

V7.00.001, 2012-07-24

  • First revision for AIDA 7

V1.01.021, 2012-02-14

  • Use of some classes from Java6 library
  • Commander:
    • Added variable and access method getDefaultInternalIcon() to preserve internal icons from changes of main window icon
    • Changed recognition of new Windows versions
    • Force use of Classical Windows Look and Feel if System Look and Feel is chosen
  • BSKLibraryLoader:
    • Added optional debugging output
  • History:
    • Changed initial size of window
  • Configuration, TerminalButton, TerminalMenu:
    • Changed initial size of edit window
  • CTextArea:
    • Added tooltiptext, prevent recursion
  • LAF
    • Force use of Classical Windows Look and Feel if System Look and Feel is chosen
    • Show available Look and Feels for choice
  • JFileChooserExt
    • Internally changed recognition of used Look and Feel
    • Improved behaviour to better follow desktop design changes from the operating system for already created instances
  • JFileChooserExt, aida_fileselector:
    • Handling for Java7 improved
  • ConfigMethods
    • Added commands getCurrentUIClassName, setIcon, addIcon
    • Use available Look and Feels in getCurrenUIName
  • LogMethods:
    • Added command systemEnvironment
  • properties
    • Added resource DoppelclickVergrößert
  • AidaGraphicFrame aida_window, aida_fileselector:
    • Take over icon(s) from corresponding Commander window
  • CmdJFrame aida_window, aida_fileselector:
    • New commands: seticon, addicon
  • rootobject
    • Changed recognition of new Windows versions

Changes in POOL-Compiler

V1.07.002, 2012-07-31

  • First revision for AIDA 7
  • Use license file to distinguish full and runtime version

Changes in P-Code-Interpreter (PI)

V7.00.002, 2012-07-30

  • First revision for AIDA 7
  • Use license file
  • Move all PATH entries with own bin dir to beginning of PATH
  • PI-Interface-Version changed

Changes in AIDA Studio

V3.4.2.v2010-05-25, 2010-05-25

  • IMPORTANT: The names of 2 sub-directories within the directories „%aidahome%studiofeature“ respectively „%aidahome%studioplugin“ have been changed. The old directories must been deleted. To avoid confusion it is advisable to delete the entire old Studio installation before the new one is being installed - just delete the entire directory structure „%aidahome%studio“.
  • AIDA Development Tools:
    • AIDA Studio Workspace Configuration Files:
      • The current workspace configuration (projects, working sets, bookmarks and tasks) is automatically stored within a *.studio-ws-cfg file, where the path and base name of the configuration file is identical with the path and name of the workspace directory. E.g. for the workspace directory „C:CVSLocalAIDAPIPOOL-Projects“ a workspace configuration file „“ is generated. The configuration file may be checked-in into a CVS-repository and later the corresponding workspace can be restored from the settings in this configuration file while opening it with a double-click from the Windows Explorer. Previously studio-ws-cfg_reg.vbs must be started once to register the file extension, see the corresponding remark below.
      • The current workspace preferences (e.g. Editor fonts, syntax colours and font attributes, and all other settings from the Preferences dialog) are automatically stored within a *.studio-ws-prefs, which has the identical path and base name as the configuration file. The preferences file may be checked-in into a CVS-repository and later the corresponding workspace preferences are restored from the settings in this preference file while opening the corresponding workspace configuration file.
      • Start the VB script AIDAstudiostudio-ws-cfg_reg.vbs to register the file extension .studio-ws-cfg for executable AIDA_Studio.exe in the Windows registry.

Changes in AIDA Tracer

V7.00.001, 2012-07-20

  • Adapt to AIDA version 7
  • Added licensing information
  • Added check for AIDA-library version
  • Avoid inherent deadlocks when opening a configuration
  • Improved user interface (changed-marker, context-sensitive buttons, larger MRU-list, better response on some menu items)
  • Better strategy for saving/restoring configurations (allows cancelling of saving/opening documents on user's choice)
  • Added menu item for AIDA Systems Settings Wizard
  • Minor bugfixes

Changes in POOL-Lib

V7.00.001, 2012-07-26

  • ADX:
    • ADX_toCommu.mbDoneFlags etc. protected (not private)
    • Allow anonymous fields (use xoNoOfFields in vShowVARec)
  • ADXXCP added
  • AIDA:
    • AIDA_toStack.pstReceiveDSEvent0() added (for stacks without BDIAG)
    • AIDA_nStackRestoreReplRemote, AIDA_nStackRestoreReplMask added
    • AIDA_nStackRestoreMask adapted
    • AIDA_toStack.mpfiDump etc. protected (not private)
    • AIDA_toStack.vErrorHalt public
    • mpfiDump := @StdOut; in AIDA_toStack.poInitLoad()
    • Changed AIDA_nInterfaceVersionRequired to 3.0
  • CFGD:
    • CFGD_nEFSortIgnCase_Msk added
  • NORM:
    • Allow anonymous fields (use xoNoOfFields in NORM_toFormat.vTranslate)
  • POOL:
    • UInt8, UINT8_MAX etc. added
    • EOSAL_LICENSE_* etc. added
    • POOL_csGetLicenseInfo() added
  • XCPD added

Changes in Examples

V7.00.001, 2012-07-26

  • First revision for AIDA 7