AIDA release 1.02.032

Current Versions

  • AIDA Communicator 1.01.016
  • AIDA Commander 1.01.019
  • AIDA Composer 1.1.11 beta
  • AIDA Examiner 0.01.029 beta
  • AIDA Examples 1.02.031
  • AIDA Stacker 1.8.1 Build 0
  • AIDA Stacks 1.02.004 SR07
  • AIDA Studio 3.4.2.v2009-07-03
  • AIDA Tracer 1.01.016
  • DumpConfigFile 1.1.14
  • POOL Compiler 1.02.017
  • POOL Lib 1.02.032
  • PI 1.02.020
  • SYM2PLI 1.02.007

Changes in AIDA Stacks

V1.2.4 SR 7 2010-03-09

  • EOLTest
    • Clear internal flag for bus problem when switching mode. This recovers from bus problem in EOL mode, when falling back to ActivationMode. This could lead to a state, where no messages could be sent by the stack on CAN bus when ECU was switched off during EOL mode.
  • KWP2000
    • Extended KWP2000 component so that the format during serial fast wakeup can be selected

Changes in AIDA Commander (incl. Visual Objects)

V1.01.019, 2010-04-27

  • Commander:
    • core.listen, core.listenfor: New commands to use Commander as a server and PI as a client.
    • Configuration: Additional button for creation of start batches with core.listenfor
  • Visual Objects: aida_hexedit: Bugfix in addresscolumn(String caption, long offset, int rowdelta) and related: offset is now of type long instead int, to allow offset values up to 0xffffffffL, as defined in the POOL VOL-API, see vol.pli.htm, VOL_toHexEdit#vAddressColumn().
  • Documentation: Commands.htm/pdf
    • added core.listen, core.listenfor
    • Translation into english

Changes in P-Code-Interpreter (PI)

V1.02.020, 2010-03-26

  • Option -client added to start PI in client mode
  • Option -port added to specify port for connection with Commander

Changes in AIDA Tracer

V1.01.016, 2009-11-24

  • correct protocol data (missing message names, results in missing signals too)

Changes in POOL-Lib

V1.02.032, 2010-03-24

  • POOL: Allow „dd mmm yyyy [time]“ in csExtractDateYmd()