AIDA release 1.02.026

Current Versions

  • AIDA Communicator 1.01.014
  • AIDA Commander 1.01.015 SR04
  • AIDA Composer 1.1.11 beta
  • AIDA Examiner 0.01.026 beta
  • AIDA Examples 1.02.026
  • AIDA Stacker 1.7.15 Build 12
  • AIDA Stacks 1.02.003 SR04
  • AIDA Studio 1.01.016
  • AIDA Tracer 1.01.015
  • DumpConfigFile 1.1.14
  • POOL Compiler 1.02.017
  • POOL Lib 1.02.026
  • PI 1.02.017
  • SYM2PLI 1.02.007

Changes in AIDA Stacks

V1.2.3 SR 4, 2007-08-10

  • Dummy, Filter, Packer, TP_20
    • components adapted to current API
  • EOLTest
    • internal queue added to wait for internal echos to improve performance when sending multi-fragment Events
    • New read only parameter Mode
    • Delay TransmitDataDone event until switch of mode is done
  • FlexTP Plugin, EOLTest
    • Corrected internal format string options

Changes in AIDA Commander (incl. Visual Objects)

V1.01.015 SR04, 2007-08-10

  • aida_textfield: no more extra VObj-Value-Event from Event-Thread during initialisation
  • rootobject, ConfigMethods:
    • removed upper bounds for command settoltipdismissdelay
  • ConfigMethods: new config command settooltipsenabled()

Changes in AIDA Examiner (beta)

V0.01.026 beta, 2007-08-10

  • EXMRCORE_toMain.boCreateOdxMainElemDataCoreExt(): extended error message with output of pstOdxMainElemData^.pstDiagServiceData^.csShortName
  • EXMRUI_toCompoundElemCtrl.vDoLayout(): test moElemNameBtn background colour for VOBJ_aColourRed and adapt button width accordingly
  • Remaining limitations:
    • A base configuration (selection of ODX file and variant, commu module and stack configuration) can be defined initially, but afterwards the ODX files and variants cannot be changed anymore.
    • A PI-crash occures after entire panels or panel elements are deleted within the UserPanelCfg dialog when closing the dialog window.
    • Number format display mode: Physical resp. DB-Default are not yet available because the corresponding revised ODX conversion routines have not been tested yet
    • Cyclic update for write services is not available.
    • Cyclic update active state is not restored from configuration

Changes in POOL-Compiler

V1.02.017, 2007-08-10

  • Auto make corrected: The temp PI$ files had sometimes not been (re)generated (error message „regeneration of code PI$ file needed“)
  • Error message for output file conflict (additional <mod>.pi file can lead to applications using the wrong file or compile of <mod> even if the right <mod>.pi file (in other dir.) is up-to-date).
  • Shorten OS name in PI header if needed

Changes in P-Code-Interpreter (PI)

V1.02.017, 2007-07-25

  • Support for second Tx-Msg-List added (COBJ)

Changes in AIDA Studio

V1.01.016, 2007-07-25

  • POOL Development Tools:
    • POOL Build: bugfix concerning parsing of POOL file paths (occurences of '.' in directory names) within output from pool.exe related to the setting of the problem marker and text cursor in the corresponding editor window

Changes in POOL-Lib

V1.02.026, 2007-08-13

  • AIDA
    • Required interface version 2.x, >= 2.8
    • New flags for stack status (AIDA_nStackRestoreReplacements etc.)
    • New functions for Event IDs etc,: AIDA_hCreateStackEx(), AIDA_pstCreateEventEx(), AIDA_boSetEventID(), AIDA_boGetEventTypes(), AIDA_dwEvIdGetBlockSize(), AIDA_dwEvIdGetBlock(), AIDA_boEvIdFreeBlock()
    • AIDA_hRestoreStackEx() with parameter dwRestoreOptions (instead of boReplace, boOffline)
    • Write error number and message in AIDA_toStack.vErrorHalt
    • Don't write ' )' for empty status events in AIDA_csEvent2Str
    • EOLTEST_nMODE_* added
  • COBJ
    • Support for second Tx-Msg-List added (COBJ_tstNode.pstTxMsgNameList2, .pstTxMsgNameList3, COBJ_tstMsg.pstTxNodeNameList2)
  • VOL
    • VOL_toMenu: vSetUIEnabled() and enGetUIMode() added
    • VOL_toIcon: bugfix in constructor poClone() concerning copying of layer

Changes in Examples

V1.02.026, 2007-08-13

  • HEXTRAN: adapted for Visual Objects Library
  • BSKDSIM, K2KSIM, UDSSIM: corrected error in vInitStack(): use EOSAL_ENVVAR_NOT_FOUND instead of AIDA_nEnvVarNotFound
  • UDSSIM: vInitVObj(): position window at right top of desktop
  • VOBJEVENTS: vEventThread(): added oMainMenu.vSetVisible() call
  • VOLEVENTS: corrected window title in volevents.vobj
  • VOBJEVENTS, VOLEVENTS, VOLEVENTSX: added oMainMenu.vSetUIEnabled() call