AIDA release 1.02.024

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Important Note

The two previous AIDA versions (AIDA 1.02.023, 2007-05-04 and AIDA 1.02.022, 2007-04-10) should not be used any longer, since with AIDA 1.02.022 a bug was introduced in aida_window which sporadically caused dead locks of the Java AWT GUI threads affecting the entire JVM. This concerns all applications using any Visual Objects. The bug is fixed in the current AIDA version. <html> </font> </html>

Current Versions

  • AIDA Communicator 1.01.014
  • AIDA Commander 1.01.015 SR03
  • AIDA Composer 1.1.11 beta
  • AIDA Examiner 0.01.024 beta
  • AIDA Examples 1.02.024
  • AIDA Stacker 1.7.15 Build 12
  • AIDA Stacks 1.02.003 SR03
  • AIDA Studio 1.1.15
  • AIDA Tracer 1.01.015
  • DumpConfigFile 1.1.14
  • POOL Compiler 1.02.016
  • POOL Lib 1.02.024
  • PI 1.02.016
  • SYM2PLI 1.02.007

Changes in AIDA Commander (incl. Visual Objects)

V1.01.015 SR03, 2007-06-20

  • aida_window:
    • Resolved problem which sporadically caused dead locks of the Java AWT GUI threads
    • Added new command setdefaultfocusowner()
  • aida_combobox:
    • New command colour() to set the text colour
    • New command horizontalalignment() to set the horizontal text alignment
    • Command setuienabled() extended for values 2 (selectable) and 3 (not selectable)
  • New config commands settooltipinitialdelay() and settooltipdismissdelay() added to set global (JVM-wide) tooltip delay values. e.g. IDECommand('config.settooltipinitialdelay',200); or IDECommand('config.settooltipdismissdelay',8000);
  • The toolbar within Commander thread windows now contains 3 new controls:
    • A combobox to select the active source viewer window
    • A button and editable combobox to specify a source code line where the source viewer to scroll to
  • Bugfix for the display of ByteString variables in the Commander Item-Window

Changes in P-Code-Interpreter (PI)

V1.02.016, 2007-05-15

  • Option -break re-enabled

Changes in POOL-Lib

V1.02.024, 2007-06-21

  • POOL
    • Allow empty strings or strings of only spaces in csExtractDateYmd() and csExtractTime24() (no access violation)
  • VOL
    • Added VOL_nCFNoSaveToFile and adapted implementation of VOL_toWindow.boSaveToFile()
    • VOL_toWindow: added boSetDefaultFocusOwner()
    • VOL_toComboBox:
      • Added v*Colour() and bGetColour()
      • Added vHorizontalAlignment() and enGetHorizontalAlignment()
      • Corrected implementation of poInit():
        • Removed VOBJ_nRFUIntVal so that now only VOBJ_nRFStrVal remains
        • Set initial value of enUIModeProperty to VOL_nenUIMEditable
    • VOL_toHexEdit:
      • Added poClone(), poInitByRef() and boLoadFromFile()
      • Added event methods vEVT*_OnStrValue() and vEVT*_OnBStrValue()
    • VOL_toMenu: added boLoadFromFile() and boSaveToFile()
    • VOL_toMenuItems: added boLoadFromFile(), boSaveToFile() and vSaveToFileRecursive()
    • VOL_toTreeView:
      • Added poClone() and poInitByRef()
      • Added boLoadFromFile() and boSaveToFile()
      • Added vEventThread()
    • VOL_toTreeNodes: added boLoadFromFile(), boSaveToFile() and vSaveToFileRecursive()
    • Added VOL_nINI*_Idx, VOL_nISI*_Idx, VOL_nIOI*_Idx: Item Normal Icon, Item State Icon and Item Overlay Icon indicees to use for Image List Mode VOL_nenILMDefault of VOL_toTreeView
    • New names i32MaxBSLengthProperty (VOL_toTextField) and i32MaxBSLengthPar (vByteStringFormat()) (mistyped ht instead of th) Note: Old *.vobj files (with the old name) are still supported, but if you try to use new *.vobj in old AIDA system then i32MaxBSLengthProperty will not be read.

Changes in Examples

V1.02.024, 2007-06-21

  • BSKDSIM, K2KSIM, UDSSIM: added code for evaluation of POOL.GetError() in vInitStack(); necessary e.g. to detect problems due to undefined system environment variables used for stack parameter replacement.
  • TST_DBC, TST_XMLCFG: code cleanup within implementation of vInitFileSelector()
    • Added VOLEVENTSX_toMainMenu, VOLEVENTSX_toHexEdit, VOLEVENTSX_toTreeView, VOLEVENTSX_toComboBox and VOLEVENTSX_toTextArea
    • Added oMainMenu, oHexEdit1, oTreeView1, oComboBox1 and oTextArea1
    • Removed all normal event methods vEVT_On*() as well as the corresponding logging functions
    • Added VOLEVENTS_toMainMenu, VOLEVENTS_toHexEdit, VOLEVENTS_toTreeView, VOLEVENTS_toComboBox and VOLEVENTS_toTextArea
    • Added oMainMenu, oHexEdit1, oTreeView1, oComboBox1 and oTextArea1